Building a smarter safer society: one move at a time

We use chess as a motivation and educational tool to teach children how to THINK.Those involved in the program are learning very important life skills while playing the game. The focus of the program is to help players to develop their inner potential in a positive way and to develop sportsmanship, an open mind, perseverance, positive attitude and team spirit, ability to concentrate and plan, analyze actions and consequences,develop desire to study and learn new things. Our chess players develop discipline and motivation to be involved in the intellectual activity that will help them in school and in life.
We use chess to teach LIFE SKILLS.

For the schedule of the current events, click here: Current events
To find chess clubs near you contact your district chess coordinators:

Cayo: David Coombs, 610-2854,
Belze: D
avid Martinez, 620-9315,
Toledo: Jose Teul, 605-9937,
Corozal: Humberto Juarez, 620-0775,
Orange Walk: Abdias DePaz, 630-1891
Stann Creek: Pedro Pixabaj, 660-5864,
Program Director: Ella Anderson, 673-3454,
Belize Senior Chess:

If you are a chess player, join us to help with coaching!

If you do not know how to play, join us to help with mentoring!

And if you want to learn...let our young chess players know and they will teach you

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