Junior Coaches Program

The following students received awards and certifications from the hands of Grand Master Maurice Ashley on November 17, 2011: Maricela Cocom, Erwin Wills, Carlos Cocom, Zack Anderson, Axel Garcia, Kevin Guerra, Kris Sanchez, Javier Lisbey, Ivor Pixabaj, Rick Pascasio, Dwayne Rodriguez, Machiver Choc, Hilberto Choc.  Three junior coaches were awarded additional certificates for continues dedication to developing chess in their communities: Colleen Tate, Fitzroy Chan and Alfred AweTwo Junior Coaches advanced to the level of BNYCF adult coaching certificate after passing written and oral part of examination and received BNYCF coaches certificates and awards: Akeem Jenkins and Steve Flowers.

We are very proud of them- our future leaders of the country!