Results and Awards.
8 and under; Heizen Loria, Corozal
9 and 10, Nia Beane, East Cayo
11; Vincent Hulse,West Cayo
12; Keiderre Loria, Corozal
13 and 14, Anna Anderson, W Cayo.
15/16/17, Machiver Choc, Toledo

 8 and under, Karissa Ruiz, E Cayo
9 and 10. Avimael Cortez, E Cayo
11, Alejandro Atkinson, Toledo
13/14, Isler Cho, Stann Creek
15/16/17, Gerson Reyes  

8 and under;  Alliah Tello E Cayo,  Janelle Pop, Stann Creek.
9 and 10, Thaddia Hulse, W Cayo.  Juan Diego Requena, Toledo
11, Ethon Martinez, West Cayo, Alejandro Atkinson  Toledo
12, Nicolas Osiel, Orange Walk.  Linsford Cal, Toledo
13/14, Jerome Sho, Stann Creek. Jose  Zavala, OW
15/16/17, Vanessa Cucul, Toledo. Efrain Navarro, Muffles High School OW


8 and under, Heizen Loria, Corozal.  Edmond Pop, E Cayo
9 and 10, Mohini Martinez, W Cayo. Nia Beane, E Cayo
11, Crystal Wu, W Cayo.  Jasmine Cajbon, Stann Creek
12, Irvin Lara, W Cayo, Lorenzo Castro, OW
13 and 14, Errol Lock, Unitedville, W Cayo.  Isler Cho, Stann Creek.
15/16 and 17, Steve Flowers, Belize.  Shajir Pech, Clara Corozal.

8 and under, Karissa Ruiz, E Cayo. Giene Ical, Stann Creek
9/ 10; Ashley Valle, E Cayo.  Kaalon Augustine, E Cayo
11, Isani Cal, Toledo.  Pablo Cawich, E Cayo
12, Gilvano Cus, Toledo.  Christopher Perez, Corozal
13/14, Winston Wu, W Cayo.  Cynthia Pech, Corozal
15/16/17, Hector Loria,Corozal.  Maricela Cocom, E Cayo

1st  Team, East Cayo.
2nd  Jaguar Rangers, East Cayo   
3rd Jungle Rooks Corozal.

District ; East Cayo

Youngest player,  Edmund Pop, East Cayo, (6 years old)

Individual  winners
8 and under:
1st Heizen Loria, Corozal
2nd Julius Sho, Toledo
3rd Oliver Coba, Corozal
4th Aaron Sho, Stann Creek
5th Geovanny Shol,SPCRCS, Toledo
6th Janelle Pop, Stann Creek
1st Aaron Tamay,Corozal.
2nd Rodwell Cus, Toledo
3rd Nigel Romero, Toledo
4th Juan Diego Requena, Toledo
5th Nia Beane, E Cayo
6th Gabriel Cocom, E Cayo
1st Gilbert Tesecum, Toledo.
2nd  Michael Choco, Toledo
3rd  Jovel Chiac, Stann Creek
4th  Aaron Tush, Stann Creek
5th Daniel Palma, Toledo
6th Alejandro Atkinson, Toledo
12 years:
1st Vincent Hulse, W. Cayo
2nd Jeremy Chiang, E. Cayo
3rd  Elisha Ramos, W. Cayo
4th Renuver Choc,Toledo
5th Orville Sho, Stann Creek.
6th Kareem Jenkins, E. Cayo.
1st Jerome Sho, Stann Creek,.
2nd Ivan Pixabaj, Stann Creek.
3rd  Leander Campos, Orange Walk
4thJoshua Chiang, E. Cayo
5th Cesar Orantes, Orange Walk.
6th Zack Anderson, W.Cayo
15, 16, 17
1st  Steve Flowers, BZ.
2nd Michael Campos, Orange Walk
3rd Ivor Pixabaj, Stann Creek
4th Tony Sho, Stann Creek
5th Gabriel Campos, Orange Walk.
6th Akeem Jenkins, E.Cayo
Best Female players 
8 and under ; Janelle Pop, SC
9/10; Nia Beane, E. Cayo
11 Crystal Wu Team:  W. Cayo.
13/14;_Irene Perez, Corozal
15/16/17 Michaelynn Young,Stann Creek

Best Female Team
Jasmine Cajbon  , Janelle Pop, Giene Acal, Michaelynn Young.
Coach Ofelio Chiac
District Stann Creek
Three Overall winning teams. Note, after 5 rounds there was a tie and a playoff game decide the top team, results were closer than any previous year.
1st Sho Time, Stann Creek, Coach: Gerry Collins
Orville Sho, Jerome Sho, Tony Sho, Aaron Sho
2nd Undefeated Kings, Orange Walk, Andy Co.
 Michael Campos,  Ryan Chi, Leander Campos, Gabriel Campos
3rd Guardian Angel, East Cayo Coach: Ella Anderson.
    Jeremy Chiang, Gabriel Cocom, Joshua Chiang, Akeem Jenkins