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Mystic Chess Quest - is the first All-Belize instructional chess book suitable for people of all ages who want to learn the game and have fun learning it. Written by Micah Williams, Chess Instruction by Ella Anderson, all illustrations are done by young Belizean artists from across the country:Rasheed Palacio, Albert Cus, Wilson Cruz, Fitzroy Chan and Omar Pulido.

 The Journey of the Lost Talisman- is the second All-Belize instructional chess books. It buidls upon the material taught in the first Mystic Chess Quest book. This book will move you beyond the most basic chess and prepare you to learn more advanced material.  Written by Micah Williams, Chess Instruction by Ella Anderson, all illustrations are done by Robert Manzur, Ivan Pixabaj, Gosverto Coy, Rasheed Palacio and Tiago Tonaco.

The third book is called Sift and Search, was created and illustrated by Rasheed Palacio, BCS high school student.  It is  a marvelous book for any age: finding hidden pieces and coloring the drawings is a lot of fun, even if you do not play chess.  
All the art work was done under the guidance of the two very passionate artists, Becki and John Shannon, who spent numerous hours working with the children, and then more hours doing the final touches to all the drawings.


Those books are given out to the District Coordinators to be distributed upon their discretion to the active chess clubs in their districts, free of charge.

If you are interested in purchasing additional number of books for yourself, please contact Ella at  All the proceeds from teh sales of these books go to the BNYCF scholaship funds, to assist chess players whose families cannot financially afford their children school tuition.

TO SEE MORE BEHIND THE SCENEs PICTURES of the books creation, see below:

Our fist Chess workbook was written, created at Sibun Jungle Lodge, Cayo, and illustrated by our own artists in 2010 . You can see the faces of artists below.

As you know during the summer chess art camp at Sibun Lodge, the following students worked very hard on illustrating first Belizean chess workbook:
Albert Cus- Toledo
Fitzroy Chan- Stann Creek
Omar Pulido - Cayo
Rasheed Palacio - Cayo
Wilson Cruz- Cayo
Those young illustrators were working under the guidance and the instruction of Becki and John Shannon
This books is intended for children and adults who want to learn chess. It is fun to read and teaches you more than just chess-teaches you history and geography as well. See few images from the book and illustrators at work:

During the illustration process all the illustrators had to do research in the art and history books, so that the images that they were creating would fit into the geographical locations mentioned in the story.

Special Thanks to Becki and John Shannon's family! They were driving everyday with their own kids to the camp, so that they could guide us all in the right direction, they stayed extra hours to review the work that was done during the day. THANK YOU!

Our second Chess workbook  was written, created  and illustrated by our own artists in 2011 . You can see the faces of artists below.

The young artist who created all the illustrations to the book are:
East Cayo- Rasheed Palacio
West Cayo- Gozberto Coy and Roberto Manzur
Stann Creek- Ivan Pixabaj
Belize- Tiago Tonaco 
Art coaches: Rebecca and John Shannon


  Enjoy the books!