Primary Schools: Joan Langfoss Memorial Chess  Scholarship Program
High Schools: Lionel Kisling Memorial Chess Scholarship Program

The BNYCF is offering a limited number of scholarships in an effort to encourage the use of chess as an educational and motivational tool in primary  and in HS schools.  The scholarships are intended to financially assist students who are active members of their district chess community and making efforts to do their best in school,  and whose families cannot afford to send them to school. Those scholarships are given based on recommendations from the District Coordinators and awarded based on financial availability.

To apply: contact your District Coordinator.

The requirements for being awarded a chess scholarship are as follows:

1.      The student must be an enthusiastic chess player who has a good knowledge of all the basic rules.
2.      The student must be keen to share this knowledge and assist in teaching beginners at the local clubs sessions, camps, tournaments or other events.
3.      The student must put effort into starting or continuing a chess club at his/her school.
4.      The student must actively participate in or supervise students at all available tournaments that his/her district coordinator will conduct.
5.      The student must have excellent school attendance and homework completion record.
6.      The student must display effort, self-motivation in school, initiative in class participation and appropriate school behaviour.
7.      The student must attain / maintain a passing grade in every term.
8.      The student must stay in touch with the assigned BNYCF representative/mentor on the regular basis that will be mutually agreed upon with the mentor.

1.       The school must be willing to assist the student in starting or continuing a chess club at the school by assigning a location, time and adult supervisor.
2.      The school can request assistance from the BNYCF to receive specific help with the chess program.
3.       The school will be asked to provide a summary of the student’s academic performance and a brief report of chess club activities, along with the students report.

1.       The parent/guardian is asked to support their child with chess activities by encouraging him/her to attend tournaments and other chess activities.
2.      The parent/guardian is asked to support their child in achieving good academic standards by providing a reasonably quiet place of study and to limit the child’s time of watching television and using electronic games (of applicable) or other activities that take away from his/her studies

1.       The BNYCF will assist the student and the school to start and continue a chess club
2.      The BNYCF will keep the school informed of tournaments and other activities that their chess club members can attend.
3.      The BNYCF will visit the school to check on the academic performance of the student and will encourage the student to maintain high standards.
4.      Each Scholarship will be dependent on the needs of each child and the benefits of the scholarship will be presented in writing to each receiving family.